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Established as a Music School towards the end of the 1800s, in 1969 the “Vivaldi” became one of the first Italian State Conservatories. The Conservatory is situated in the 18th Century “Cuttica di Cassine” Palace in an area of over 3200 square metres – 45 teaching rooms, and two concert/ recital venues : the Auditorium Pittaluga and the “Abbà Cornaglia” concert room.

At the moment the Conservatory has around 600 students and 86 teaching staff divided into Teaching Departments: Instrumental, Voice, Choral Music, Composition, Electronic Music and Jazz , Secondary subjects and Ensembles.

To the above may be added also the 160 students who frequent the Propedeutic Programme and the Music School for Adults.

Course Syllabus

The Vivaldi Conservatory (An Institute of Higher Learning) offers two Degree Courses- Level 1 (Bachelor degree) and Level 11 (Masters degree) in the following areas/departments:

  • Voice and Musical Theatre
  • Degrees in Teaching
  • New Technologies and Musical languages: Electronic Music and Jazz (Drum kit, Voice, Guitar, Piano and Saxophone)
  • Strings (violin, viola, cello, bass, harp, guitar)
  • Woodwinds (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon) and Brass (Saxophone, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone)
  • Keyboard and Percussion Instruments (Harpsichord , Organ and Organ Composition, Pianoforte and Percussion Instruments)
  • Theory and Analysis, Composition, Conducting (Composition, Choral conducting, Choral Composition).


Courses also offered by the “Vivaldi” include the following:

  • Courses in the Early Music Department
  • Pre-Tertiary Courses
  • Courses offered under the Previous Regulations “Vecchio Ordinamento” (gradually being phased out)
  • Specialization – Masterclasses and Seminars with Vivaldi Conservatory Professors and Noted Guest Teachers and Performers.

All the activities organized by the Conservatory (modules included in the Course curriculum, Masterclasses, Seminars and various courses offered etc) are open to the public in the form of active participation or as auditors and certificates of attendance are issued by the Conservatory. All information is published on the Conservatory’s website.


From the Academic year 2007/2008 the Vivaldi Conservatory takes part in the Erasmus Project which allows both students and Professors the possibility of participating in teaching and culture exchange projects with other European countries in partnership with the Institution. From 2014 the Erasmus programme has become Erasmus + formed with the intent of offering/enlarging work prospects and contribute to the greater personal development of students; offering better education and training systems to help provide the tools for every student to be able to tap into the actual and future work market.

From 2010 the Circuit for General Music Studies has been formed . This groups together a large number of organizations active in the field of musical promotion in Piemonte, Liguria and Lombardia ( Institutions, Associations…) with the goal of sharing education objectives and production activities.


The Library is dedicated to Maestro Carlo Mosso, composer and former Director of the Conservatory; with around 30.000 books and scores, a prestigious audio-tape library, and an important collection of CDs, it represents an essential point of reference for the Institute and is a centre for research and study also for external researchers. .


Representative ensembles of the Conservatory include a Symphony Orchestra, a Chamber Orchestra, Polyphonic Choir, Chamber Choir, Childrens’ Choir , Young Women’s Choir, and the Choir of the Music School for Adults, the Laboratory for Improvization,, and choirs and ensembles specializing in a particular repertoire ( from Baroque to Contemporary music).

Besides the teaching activities and Conservatory productions (such as the popular Incontri Musicali, middle and end-of-year students’ concerts, Diploma and Final-Year Recitals) the Vivaldi Conservatory presents and organizes over 100 events – concerts, theatre productions and seminars. Among these are featured the yearly series “Le Stagioni di Vivaldi”: the Wednesday Concerts, The International Festival of Opera and Musical Theatre for Small Ensembles: The Musical Box (Scatola Sonora), concerts for schools ( Entering the House of Music), the Musuem Concerts, the Master Concerts and the concerts presented by students after having attended organized masterclasses. All these activities represent an important moment of verification between study and performance.

Numerous activities are organized every year in collaboration with various Municipal associations and in several centres outside of Alessandria.

The Vivaldi Conservatory organizes every two years the National Competition for Double Bass “Werther-Emilio Benzi”. In 2014 the 10th edition saw a large increase in the number of competitors.



The Auditorium “Pittaluga” has a capacity audience seating of 120 and is equipped with a lighting and amplification system, a recording studio, a 3-manual organ with pedals (Pinchi – Opus 421) and a Concert Grand Steinway piano inaugurated in the Autumn of 2012.

Publicity material available in pdf format.