Applications for Admission

from June 1 to 28 August 2017

Requisiti per l'Ammissione - a.a. 2020/21Pubblicazione/ultimo aggiornamento: 15/7/2020
Procedura Inserimento Domande di Ammissione a.a. 2020/21Pubblicazione/ultimo aggiornamento: 23/7/2020
Test Lingua Italiana per stranieri (simulazione)


Level 1 (Bachelor Degree) – 3 year Course – and Level 2 (Master Degree) – 2 year course

Master (Specialization Course) Levels 1 and 2

Pre-Tertiary Courses



Student Manual

Calendar for the Conferring of Degrees – Autumn Session up-to-date 02/12/2015



Exam Calendar for “Previous Regulations”(Vecchio Ordinamento) and Pre-Tertiary Courses –
Autumn Session  – about to be published



Expiry Dates

N. 1: Summary of ScheduleComplete Schedule

N. 2:  Abbreviated Schedule


Notice of Expiry Dates for Re-Enrollment –Students Out of Time Limit, Level 1 and Level 11 Courses

Summary of Schedule



Information and Schedule Regarding Fee Payment of Courses
Courses according to Previous Regulations(Vecchio Ordinamento), Pre-Tertiary Courses, Levels 1 and 11 Courses

Schedule Prospect


Information regarding Fee Payment for Courses of Level 1 and 11 according to the ISEE

Schedule Prospect


Notice of Expiry Dates for the presentation of applications for admission to the Final Exam/Thesis Level 1 and Level 11 Courses.