The Vivaldi Seasons

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Educational activities and artistic production act in close synergy and represent the moment of connection between learning and the beginning of the professional paths of students who have the opportunity to measure themselves with the stage, under the guidance of their teachers and established artists.

Since 2012 it has been decided to organize under a single title, “Le Stagioni del Vivaldi” (the Vivaldi Seasons), the “historical” cycles of the Conservatory, important moments of encounter between training and production activities.

Entriamo nella casa della musica
series of concerts for schools

first edition: 1991

I Mercoledì del Conservatorio
chamber music concerts

first edition: 1992

Scatola sonora
International Festival of Opera and Musical Theatre of small dimensions

first edition: 1996

final concerts of the masterclasses

first edition: 2013

L’Altra Musica
concerts to meet world music

first edition: 2016