The Conservatory


Established at the end of the 1800’s, in 1969 the “Vivaldi” Conservatory of Music became one of the first Italian State Conservatories. It is situated in the 18th Century “Cuttica di Cassine” building, spreading over more than 3,200 square meters, with 45 classrooms and two concert-halls: the “Abbà Cornaglia” hall and the “Pittaluga” Auditorium, where you can find a three manual and pedal organ (Pinchi – Opus 421) and a prestigious Steinway grand piano. Presently the Conservatory has around 400 students from all over Italy and from different parts of the world, in addition to students that attend the Preparatory Project and the Music School for Adults. It has more than 80 teachers.

The curriculum

The “Vivaldi” Higher Music Education Institute offers the following Bachelor and Master degree courses: Voice and Music Theatre; Renaissance and Baroque Singing; Music Education; New technologies (Electronic music and Jazz); Strings (Violin, Viola, Viola da gamba, Cello, Bass, Harp, Guitar, Lute); Winds (Flute, Recorder, Oboe and English Horn, Clarinet and Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Saxophone, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone); Keyboard and Percussion instruments (Accordion, Fortepiano, Harpsichord, Organ and Organ Composition, Piano and Percussions); Music Theory and Analysis, Composition and Conducting (Composition, Choir Conducting and Choir Composition). We offer other opportunities, like the Ancient Music Interdepartmental activity, and Musicology Interdepartmental, and the following undergraduate courses: Voice, Composition, Jazz, Choir Music, New Technologies, besides courses for all instruments. The curriculum at the “Vivaldi” Conservatory of Music also includes Masterclasses and in-depth Seminars led by teachers of the Institute and internationally renowned guests.


Since 2010, the “Vivaldi” Conservatory of Music has coordinated the Basic Musical Training Network, that includes several Institutions and Organizations that promote musical culture operating within the regions of Piemonte, Liguria and Lombardia. The agreed protocol has the aim to share educational programs, experiences and productions, like the Musical Marathon that takes place at the end of September. There are also cooperation agreements with the Music High Schools in Alessandria, Omegna and Vercelli. Our other partners in the educational-artistic and research fi elds are the “University of Georgia”, in Athens, Georgia – U.S.A., the “LISIN” (Laboratorio di Ingegneria del Sistema Neuromuscolare) of the Polytechnic University of Turin and the Higher Specialization Music School of Saluzzo.

International Activities

For several years the “Vivaldi” Conservatory of Music has been part of the International Student Exchange Programme “Erasmus”, which became Erasmus+ in 2014. In 2015 it also joined a partnership called “Working with Music”, a project within the Erasmus+ program that offers young musicians the opportunity to have a work experience in Europe.

The library

The Library, which is open to the public, is dedicated to Maestro Carlo Mosso, composer and former Director of the Conservatory. In it you can find over 30,000 titles, and a valuable sound archive (including rare recordings), stored in different formats. 

Artistic Activities

Several ensembles are active within the Conservatory: Symphony Orchestra, Polyphonic Choir, Chamber Choir, Treble Choir, Children’s Choir, EVC-Ensemble Vivaldi Contemporaneo, OGdF-Youth Wind Orchestra, Adult Music School Choir, Joyful Flute Ensemble, Vivaldi Clarinet Choir, Prof_in_Coro, And various vocal and instrumental ensembles targeted to specific repertoires and genres (from Baroque to Contemporary Music). Every year the “Vivaldi” schedules more than 100 events, including concerts, theatre performances and seminars. In 2012 some of these yearly events were organized under one heading, namely “Le Stagioni del Vivaldi”, which includes the four traditional series of events organized by the Conservatory, which bring together both the educational activities and those that lead to artistic productions: Entriamo nella casa della musica (a series of concerts for schools), I Mercoledì del Conservatorio (a festival of Chamber Music concerts), Scatola Sonora (International Festival of small scale Opera and Music Theatre), L’Altra Musica (music from all the world). Furthermore, “Vivaldi” Conservatory organize “Werther-Emilio Benzi” National Double-bass Competition every two years.