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Mobilità agli Studenti per Studio

  • Hochschule für Musik Detmold, Germany: since this year we have changed the application process, so that it is no longer necessary to send the documents and records by post mail. We do not require CD recordings anymore. Please send everything in electronic form to my mail address. The application deadline is March 15, 2019.You can find further information on the application process here: you are searching for the study plans, please got to our website and make the following steps: Click on “Studium” à “Studienbereiche” à [choose one, most likely Orchesterinstrumente or Gesang] à “Studiengangsdokumente” à [choosing the instrument] à “Studienplan”. Here you will find the different programs for your instrument. We are at the moment translating our website, so there are no information in English available at the moment. If you have any questions on it, please do not hesitate to contact the International relation manager: Ms Margarete Buch –
  • Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles, Belgium: da quest’anno le applications per le mobilità di studio andranno fatte online, dal 15 Febbraio al 23 Marzo. I posti sono veramente limitati, quindi, se interessati, si consiglia di partire per tempo. Documenti richiesti: CV, lettera di motivazione e di raccomandazione, ToR, video con performance di 25 min. Qui lo Student Application form  e EASY System per inviare le domande. Per ogni altra informazione, consultare questo link .

⇓⇓ ORIGINAL MESSAGE  -updated on 16/10/2020- ⇓⇓

Dear Partners,

As the deadline for our future incoming students applying for next Academic Year is soon approaching, I hereby would like to remind you that the Student Application Forms are to be sent online via EASY System. For informations, our Institution provides different Departments Education: Jazz, Drama, Early Music and Classical Music.

  • Only one period of application for both terms: 15/2 to 24/3
  • Documents required: CV, Motivation and Recommendation Letters, ToR, 25min of performance with video links. No L.A. before acceptance.

Given the newness of those on-line applications, some important informations to fill in the Form and documents required are detailed in this link . However, do not hesitate to contact me for further information ! You will find below the nominated student’s list.

The website is normally full of informations for our IRC Administration’s work.. I hope it will be helpful for all of yours.

I would be delighted to welcome your students at our Institution next Academic Year !

Best regards,

Salvatore GIOVENI
International Relations Coordinator

Full-time Faculty in Music Theory
Founder and President of the Harma Seminar Event

Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles

Nominated Students

AUBREE Camille      Violon
POTTIER Marion     Flûte traversière
DELHAYE Hugo       Percussion
DE SADELEER Christopher Théâtre
MAYORGA Alba       Clarinette
SCHLICH Gaspard   Guitare
PEDEMONTE Benjamin Piano
RAUX Christelle        Piano accompagnement
TRIJEAN Marie        Cor
COGELS Simon         Piano Jazz
BREUGELMANS Aziyadé Direction d’orchestre
SAJALOLI Constant Trombone jazz

  • Bilkent University, Istanbul, Turkey: You are kindly invited to send your Fall 2019 semester exchange student nominations until 15 May 2019.
    Free accommodation in our campus dormitories will be provided to all incoming Erasmus+/Exchange students as we did in the previous years.
    Please find our 2019-2020 exchange students fact sheet at; . Our exchange program flyer can also be found at
    Please nominate your students by providing the below mentioned information to
    Name / Surname/ Date of birth / Department / E-mail / Study cycle:
    Online application;
    Bilkent Erasmus+/Exchange application portal will be open between 1 March 2019 to 30 May 2019 so the nominated students should submit their online applications within these dates.
    Our nomination deadline for Fall semester is 15 May 2019. Applicants should fill out and submit the online exchange students application form from;
    Course selections;
    In the application portal, students will also have access to the current and/or previous year course lists. If the exchange period offerings are not finalized by the departments at the time of the application, they may change the semester icon on the top for checking previous semester offerings which will help to decide
    Free on-campus housing:
    Free on-campus accommodation application will be made online. We recommend your students to apply as early as possible since the dormitory management allocates the rooms on first come first served basis and room types may differ upon the availability.
    For more information about accommodation, please visit
    Students coming from the countries, which are exempted from the visa requirement to Turkey, do not have to apply to the Turkish Embassy/Consulates for any type of visa and may directly come to Turkey with their passports. Residence permit application will be made during the Orientation Program.
    Student experiences:
    I also would like to share our incoming Erasmus+ students’ Juliette and Marten’s comments’ about their exchange period at Bilkent University in 2016-2017 Academic Year;
    Please feel free to contact if you need further assistance.